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The game has stages in which you must run for your life, travel with a futuristic bike, fly on a jet pack, explore dark areas with amazing transparency effects only seen on some 16 bits consoles, etc.

The game has an interesting story with a nice animated intro, visual stages and 2 endings!

The game plays as the classic arcade games from late 80s such as Shinobi, Bad dudes vs dragon-ninja, Sly-spy, Shadow Dancer and many many others.

The game has 3 levels of difficulty.

The levels can be memorized, but the game will throw small non-random changes at you, depending on how you play.

Bosses: The bosses are modular (made by sections or pieces). Most of them have a weak spot which once you discover it, you will be able to defeat it in seconds (if you do it right).

There are 2 different endings.

There are also 2 secret achievements which once you unlock, you will be able to use whenever you want:

-One rewarded for those who manage to finish the game without continuing (with 1 credit)

-And the other for those who manage to finish it in the hardest level (with this achievement you will be able to play with the protagonist, naked!)

Hardware and performance:

This game requires a v9990 graphics card (Powergraph, Graphics9000, Krakengraph, etc.)

The game also supports the following sound chips:

-FM pac (2+ and turbo R internal fm is also compatible)

-Music module

-Fm pac AND Music module both playing at the same time

-Opl4 (Moonsound, Shockwave, Dalsori, etc)

The game works on any msx2 with 64k of ram on fm pac and/or music module without any slow downs, the performance will be the same as with a turbo R (exept turbo-r load times will be faster).

Opl4 sound chip requieres 128k of Ram. Any non-turbo z80 with opl4 will suffer small slow downs in occasions due to the high cpu consumption of the opl4 sound chip.

The game has optimizations for Panasonic 2+, one chip, Zemmix and Turbo R which will grant faster load times and a perfect speed even using opl4 sound chip.

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