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Life on Mars: Genesis is a "MetroidVania", (a mix between Metroid and Castlevania - Symphony of the night) where you can freely explore the map, acquire new skills (double jump, run...) that will help you explore even more areas of the map, acquire and upgrade new weapons (grenade launcher, flamethrower), increase the capacity of your shield (health) and your power generator (stamina), etc.

This game is a reimagined adaptation of our previous release "Life on Mars" for the MSX2 computer and "Life on Mars Remake" for PC on Steam.
The setting is a bit like "Aliens" and other classic 80's sci-fi movies:

A scientific colony was established on Mars and frozen life was found in the Martian ice, a bacterium.
Shortly afterward, Earth lost contact with the colony.
9 months later, a ship from Earth finally reached Mars and a technician was sent to repair the communications array.
Playing as said technician, you must find out what happened to the colony.

Box contents:

-Region free cartridge (works on cosnoles from USA, Europe and Japan)
-Box with reversible cover
-Full color instruction manual
-4 postcards

Playable demo download link:

-Keep START pressed to access the status/map screen
-Kress START to change the secondary weapon (when at least 2 are available)
-A button to shoot the plasma rifle
-B button to jump
-C button to use the secondary weapon


Video showing the intro and the first 20 minutes of gameplay:

59,90 € inc. tax
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Amazing Metroidvania 5 product stars
"I love the game, it kind of reminds me of metroid but I liked more this one. I can't wait for the full version. I played the DEMO VERSION. It's amazing and you should try!" Diogo Asgard - mercredi 3 août 2022
Great 5 product stars
"Great game. Fantastic art cover and box. A game for anyone who loves playing Sega Genesis" Larry - samedi 21 janvier 2023
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