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"Life on Earth: Reimagined" is our third game for the Sega Genesis / Megadrive.
It is a spin-off of the top seller: "Life on Mars: Genesis".
It is based on our 2017 MSX2 game of the same name but it has been massively improved in all aspects.

The game is an action-packed mix of Contra, Shinobi 3 and Rolling Thunder, on a Cyberpunk setting.
The game has 3 difficulty settings for the standard game mode and 2 additional game modes:
-Arcade: With the Contra/Sunset riders rules of 1 hit=death, but you respawn where you died and you have infinite ammo.
-Heroic: Gunstar heroes rules: 1 life but lots of HP, but the enemies as well. Infinite ammo.

The soundtrack is being composed by the amazing composer: SAVAGED REGIME (Xenocrisis, AsteBros) 

Here is a video of the game:

Another one:

Here you can see an awesome Retro gamer Boy review of the demo:

Box contents:

-Region free cartridge (works on cosnoles from USA, Europe and Japan)
-Box with reversible cover
-Full color instruction manual
-Several postcards

If you purchase several games at once you will save on shipping costs, and we will ship all the games together.

You can download a playable demo here:

Controls (swappable):
-A button to shot your weapon. Some weapons have auto-fire. When an enemy is close enough, the character will perform a physical attack.

-B button to jump. UP direction and B button to perform a long jump. Wile jumping, press down or down and right or left and press the jump button again to perform a flying kick attack on that direction.

-C button to perform physical attacks.

-X,Y,Z buttons to select among 3 special weapons.

-START button to change weapons. Keep START pressed to pause the game.

Quickly press right or left twice to start running. Press any attack button to perform a charge attack.

The game is difficult to master at first since you need to use all these skills in order to really master the game, so keep experimenting.

We hope you like it!

Kai Magazine Software.


"Life on Earth: Reimagined" es nuestro tercer juego para Sega Genesis/Megadrive.
Es un spin-off del éxito de ventas: "Life on Mars: Genesis".
Está basado en nuestro juego de MSX2 del 2017 con mismo nombre, pero está masivamente mejorado en todos los aspectos.

El juego es una mezcla llena de acción de Contra, Shinobi 3 y Rolling Thunder, en un entorno Cyberpunk.
El juego tiene 3 niveles de dificultad para el modo de juego estándar y 2 modos de juego adicionales:
-Arcade: con las reglas de Contra/Sunset riders de 1 impacto = muerte, pero reapareces donde moriste y tienes munición infinita.
-Heroico: Reglas de Gunstar Heroes: 1 sola vida pero mucha energía, pero los enemigos también. Munición infinita.

La banda sonora está compuesta por el alucinante compositor: SAVAGED REGIME (Xenocrisis, AsteBros)

Aquí teneis un video del juego:

Otro (En Español):

Contenido de la caja:

-Cartucho libre de region (funciona en consolas Pal y NTSC de todo el mundo)
-Caja con portada reversible
-Manual de instrucciones a todo color
-Varias postales

Si compras varios juegos a la vez, ahorrarás en los gastos de envío y te enviaremos todos los juegos juntos.

Puedes descargar una demo jugable aquí:

Controles (intercambiables):
-Botón A para disparar tu arma. Algunas armas tienen disparo automático. Cuando un enemigo está lo suficientemente cerca, el personaje realizará un ataque físico.

-Botón B para saltar. Dirección ARRIBA y botón B para realizar un salto de longitud. Mientras salta, presione hacia abajo o hacia abajo y hacia la derecha o hacia la izquierda y presione el botón de salto nuevamente para realizar un ataque de patada voladora en esa dirección.

-Botón C para realizar ataques físicos.

-Botones X, Y y Z para cambiar entre 3 armas especiales.

-Boton START para cambiar de arma. Mantener pulsado el boton START para pausar el juego.

Presiona rápidamente hacia la derecha o hacia la izquierda dos veces para comenzar a correr. Presiona cualquier botón de ataque para realizar un ataque de carga.

El juego es difícil de dominar al principio ya que necesitas usar todas estas habilidades para realmente dominar el juego, así que sigue experimentando.

¡Esperamos que os guste!

Kai Magazine Software.
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Highly Recommended 5 product stars
"I first saw this game when it was exclusive to the MSX and so wanted to play it for myself. When I saw that Life on Mars had been re-released for other systems I contacted Kai Magazine to see if the same would be happening for Life on Earth, to which I was informed it was in the works for the Mega Drive. So as soon as the pre-orders started I was quick to jump onboard, something I rarely do. Now having received my copy and played a significant amount of the game I can say that I am very pleased with this Contra style game and its conversion to the Mega Drive. The graphics and sound are crisp, with lots going on from level to level. The music is pumping and the enemies are varied with new ones popping up from level to level with nice big bosses to fights. The controls are tight with Zhira having lots of moves to pull off and the game play has the drive for 'just one more go' as this isn't an easy game to whip through. (Well for me it isn't lol) The physical presentation is excellent, with great artwork for the sleeve, manual and cartridge and the cases are well made and sturdy. My pre-order also came with a selection of postcards that are up to the same quality. Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase of Life on Earth and recommended it to anyone who enjoys games like Contra and Gunstar Heroes." Gareth Morgan - mercredi 22 novembre 2023
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