The Sorrow of Gadhlan' Thur for Intellivision (Shipment by the end of October 2022)


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The Sorrow of Gadhlan’ Thur is the first «Metroidvania» game for the Intellivision.

The «Metroidvania» genre was born in the 90’s and it is tremendously popular these days.
This side-view action RPG genre is a mixture of «Metroid» elements and «Calstlevania Symphony of the Night» elements where the player explores an open world and he finds objects which will grant him the ability to reach places he could not reach before, therefore expanding the bounds of the world he can explore.
Usually the main character begins as a weak character and as the game advances he becomes stronger and has better equipment and new abilities that will allow him to explore further and to defeat stronger foes.

The Sorrow of Gadhlan’ Thur for Intellivision includes all these elements and more:

-Explore a huge open world and find powerful ancient relics.
-Find new towns where you can save your progress and upgrade your equipment.
-Explore dungeons and temples from a forgotten civilization.
-Increase your fighting skills and abilities to engage smart and challenging enemies with an artificial intelligence never seen before on Intellivision.
-Take advantage of the environment and sneak by your enemies by staying outside of their field of view.
-Use throwing weapons to get rid of the most aggressive enemies before they can come close to you.

-Enemies and objects will remain active even when outside the view screen thus increasing the game-play area twice the screen area. (This feature is commonly found only on 16bit video-games since the late 80’s and 90’s).
-Quickly and easily save your progress in the game cartridge.
-High quality package with a very nice plastic box, a very high resolution cover and a big, high quality game manual.

The estimated delivery for this second batch is by the end of October 2022.

Game-play video:
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